• Intangible motivation is the best way to invest in your team.

  • The health of employees is the key to the success of your business.

It is proven that people with office type of work are the most exposed to musculoskeletal system problems. Spending most of the day seated leads to prolongous static tention of the lumbar and cervical spine. As a result, a constant acute and dull pain occurs in the back that leads to lower work efficiency levels, weakening of immune system, tiredness, etc.


Having a regular office massage at the workplace is the most convenient, cost effective and time efficient health solution for relieving stress while recognising and rewarding the value of employees.

Massage at the workplace is a great motivator and makes staff feel appreciated.


Office massage at the workplace is a fuss-free solution to your human resource needs. Staff receive their regular massage in meeting room or other convenient for you place, and get back to work refreshed and rejuvenated.


This small investment in your staff wellness will actually increase bottom line by lowering staff absenteeism, boosting staff morale, and creating happier, healthier people in the workplace!



What would the company achieve if their employees attended office remedial massage sessions regularly?



30 min

min 4  people

  • Opportunity to show true care about the health condition of your employees while they perform their duties.

  • Improve physical condition of the employees and help them to work with greater energy (75% of population have problems with musculoskeletal system);

  • Employees feel their importance and recognition of their efforts;

  • Reduce the risk of health problems, increase work efficiency and profitability;

  • Special offer for massage at the office for a team of 4 and over.

What would the employees achieve if they attended office remedial massage sessions regularly?

  • Relieve muscle tension and get rid of the back pain without leaving workplace.

  • Relax neck and lower back muscles (most affected area)

  • Reduce the level of stress and tiredness;

  • Feel more energetic and stress-free.

  • Love your job even more.



I. It's very comfortable:

Massage therapist comes with portable massage table when it is convenient for you. You can have a massage session during your lunch break or after work.


II.  It is safe:

Fully educated and insured specialist, qualified in remedial, deep tissue and ayurvedic massage.



What do you need to do?:


1. Get approval from your management if needed

2. Find a free room .

3. Share the idea and get your collegues on board. 



What happens next?:


I bring a massage table or a massage chair, sheets, towels, oil, music and you have a really relaxing break from work. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions.








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